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It was good...

Good sprite animation. where did you get naruto sprites from?

CrazyVS responds:

I friend has send me!
But, what a good search dont find, huh? xD

Look at my stick!

Pretty funny, make more!

UtterNonsense responds:

Don't worry. We will. :)

I found it a little offensive...

Your cartoon makes it seem like black people in general find everything racist. I think some people are justified in their accusations because maybe they experienced some sort of rascism in their lifetime. Your cartoon oversimplifies and exagerates this. I understand some people do blame whites for all their problems, but out of all those people somebody is justified in their statements. Kanye just got a little emotinal
and forgot he's some rich guy that doesn't deal with rascism on a daily basis. I don't like how you displayed your opinion, but I do respect it.

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one of the best rpgs on newgrounds

It took me about half and hour to beat(level 41) and the Alexander in the graveyard was really difficult. make another that is longer, has more skills, and has a save function. Only a true final fantasy fan could come up with a character like Kronik. Keep up the good work!


This is an amazing RPG! If it were on console and had a better graphics I would buy it.

Best fighting game on newgrounds!

cool game but the combo started to get kinda stale. Add more combos and more slow motion moves. Superb entry!

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Nice beat...

And If u lookin for some competition head over to warbeats.com and join there beat battle forum there.
Nice work on the beat


I like the sample but it gets really repetive. Maybe if somebody was rappin on it, wouldn't be like that. I like it tho. Ayo I need to talk to u, got aim? Hit me up at QBsFinest1226.

wasn't what i was expectin..

I was hopin for a faster paced beat similar to a heatmaker track but it was still tight tho. U half way through! Keep going!

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